Thursday samples yield multiple additional player positives for Ravens

The Week 12 game between the Ravens and Steelers was supposed to kick off tonight. It’s not.

The game is now supposed to kick off on Sunday. It’s currently looking like it won’t.

Per a league source, the Ravens received word tonight of multiple additional player positives from COVID-19 samples collected on Thursday morning. This indicates that the outbreak continues to be uncontained.

The league and the Ravens had hoped to know on Friday whether the outbreak was under control, or not. It’s unknown when the league plans to make a decision regarding Sunday’s game.

Friday morning samples will yield more evidence as to whether additional players have tested positive by Friday night.

The game could be moved to Monday or Tuesday, which would require shifting next Thursday’s game between the Cowboys and Ravens to the weekend. For now, though, there’s a sense of pessimism and dismay within the Ravens organization.

The Ravens also are stunned by the speed with which the virus has spread. It’s amazing that other teams haven’t had an outbreak like this. It’s entirely possible that there will be more between now and the end of the season.